Many people think their landscaping chores end when the winter snows begin to fall. Quite the contrary is true, and it is important to remain vigilant during the cold weather months. Otherwise, you might find yourself with major repair projects in the spring.

Here are some simple things you should do for your hard surfaces to ensure they remain in good condition for many years ahead.

  1. Be careful using salt and other chemical solvents to remove snow and ice. It’s tempting to use these, but you’ll want to make sure they won’t damage your surfaces or cause discoloration or staining in the process.
  2. Maintaining hard surfaces and preventing cracks is important. You will want to fill in and repair any cracks and holes as soon as they develop, lest they grow and become major headaches. One way to avoid most problems is to seal concrete, pavers, and paving stones so that it is harder for ice and dirt to damage them.
  3. Finally, be sure to get the weeds while you’re outside.

For assistance with your landscape maintenance in the F/M area, contact the team at Greenearth Landscaping, and we will be happy to provide you with all of the details of our services.