Trees and Shrubs need proper maintenance and periodic trimming, after installation, to keep them robust, healthy, and vibrant. Without this on-going care, they develop dead spots, bare limbs, and tend to only grow foliage on the outer most tips of the branches.

GreenEarth will evaluate the health and vitality of your trees and shrubs and recommend a course of action to bring them back to the fullness of health they had when they were installed. They’ll also advise you on a maintenance schedule of trimming and care that will ensure your trees and shrubs will stay beautiful, lush, and well-groomed all year long.

We have an extensive plant identification background and know what shrubs and trees can or cannot be trimmed due to time of year, when they flower, weather conditions, and what type of plant material.

So contact us today for an evaluation of your trees and shrubs, and watch them spring back to life.